A Doctor You Can Trust

Dr. Michelle Chambers

Dr. Michelle Chambers has had a passion for chiropractic since she was young. As a child and adolescent she suffered from migraines which would lead to several missed school days a month. Dr Chambers has always had a love for learning and missing this much school was not an option for her. The medicine she was prescribed caused excessive drowsiness and didn’t allow her to participate in her academics, so she began to seek alternative treatment. That is when she found chiropractic. The adjustments drastically reduced her migraines and essentially changed her life. From then on she became fervent about chiropractic and how she could help improve the lives of others through its practice.

Dr. Chambers received her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee with a major in psychology. Shortly after graduating she began her chiropractic education at Palmer College in Port Orange, FL. While attending Palmer she was educated on a variety of techniques and treatments including, Palmer package, flexion-distraction, Graston, and activator. During her time at Palmer she attended the clinic abroad program in Hyderabad, India. She and her fellow classmates treated over 6,000 patients in need of care during their week stay. She states that this was one of the most humbling and gratifying experiences of her life.

Since graduating from Palmer in 2011 she has worked at a variety of practices gaining experience in areas such as pregnancy, pediatrics, sports injuries, auto accidents, and wellness care.

Dr Chambers currently lives in downtown Orlando with her fiancé David, and their two year old daughter Marleigh. In their spare time they enjoy being outside in nature and playing with their dogs. Dr. Chambers is looking forward to meeting everyone and serving this great community.